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LEGO CMF 21: My Thoughts (The Thoughts Of A Genius)

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Greetings, AHOL.

Here we go!

This is what we are going to do with the LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series #21. Are you ready, AHOL?



We've gotten surf boards before. This one is nothing special.

Sweet. That's an original print on the torso. But just another lame, LEGO Friends dolphin. A paddle? Pathetic.


I love her body print.

I always love a unique, female print. Because there are far too few female prints.

The head/hair piece will become part of the Herbalists. The rest will be just sex. A great new figure head. Can't wait to see the flipside face.


I wish that bruise on her face was a larger wound.

Can't use this. Next.


Love the torso.

A seashell necklace? I'll take it.

I can always use a shirtless guy. Great new bottle feature. Plus a shell creature that challenges my whole philosophy on brick built v molded animals.

Female Centaur:

What a freckle face!

She is HOT! Let's get that centaur body moving!

I love this girl and we can do a lot with her. Red apple. Bow and arrow. Plus a torso print and arm print that can go a million miles when it comes to making different villagers. Perfect!


Silly. The spray can is cool. We can do a lot with the printed tile. But somebody sprayed all over his chest. Dork.

Ladybug Girl:

I like the 1x1 round Ladybug tile. And nothing else.

Pug Costume Boy:

Just junk.

Jaguar Warrior:

No one loves a decorated shield as much as I do.

Aztec design? Nope.

He just looks dirty. With mud all over his body. That headpiece might be nice. But we'll see. Gross.

Space Police:

I get that this is a throwback to some, certain Space fans. Are you a Space fan?

Guess what? Space is lame. Especially compared to Castle. I really just want that violin. In Space or inside a Castle. LEGO.

Violinist Boy:

That LEGO violin is AMAZING.

But it kinda begins and ends with that. Another Potter wand. Cool, original torso print if you're a City Guy.

City Guys TV Show
City Guys (American TV Series 1997 - 2001)

It is what it is.

Alien Crook:

OK. I like this one.

I'm all about putting together Cantina Creature Battle Packs.

So, this little fuck makes an amusing addition to my menagerie of space oddities.

His accessories are dull and repetitive, but the nondescript orange jumpsuit should prove useful.

And his original, bug-eyed, alien head piece is unique enough to get a LEGO minifigure modifier like me reasonably excited.

Down from 16 to 12, LEGO CMF Series 21 is due out January 1, 2021.

12 makes it easier for completists/collectors to get 'em all. But for parts-miners like me, it's four fewer potential new elements to salivate over.

What do you think, AHOL?

Is 12 better than 16? Who are you most interested in owning?

Tell me what you're thinking. Show me what you're drinking. Let's kiss.

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